CDC Float Wins in the Clayton Christmas Parade

‎A few days before the annual Clayton Christmas Parade, ten CDC divers converged at Janet Sullins’s house to prepare the CDC entry. On an unusually temperate December 3 evening, Janet embodied the Little Mermaid on a float pulled by Skip and Shirley Couch. Bill Hammond, Ken and Carol Kozin, and Rich Huff handed out treats to the kids both young and old. Diane Hammond and Lisa Goodlin carried the dive club banner and performed as an impromptu drill team. The club’s creativity was rewarded with…

Fall Dive on the Islander

Diver on the Islander wreck

The Islander is a popular shore dive site in Alexandria Bay, NY. The Islander sits in about 55 feet of water in the St. Lawrence River. The site is used frequently for open water checkout dives. Visibility was particularly good on November 6, 2011.

Clayton Clean Up 2011

The Village of Clayton hosted a Project Aware’s International Underwater Clean-Up Day and World Ecology Day Trash Dive on Saturday, September 17, at Frink Park. The Trash Dive was sponsored by Delta Divers Scuba from Rome with the local Clayton Diving Club participating. Two dives were held finding shopping carts, road cones, bicycles, tires, lawn chairs and other things filling one very large Clayton Dump truck. Small items were collected in red onion bags and Clayton’s front-end loader came in very handy for the larger…

Club Dive on the Keystorm

Diver on the wreck of the Keystorm

The Clayton Diving Club dove Saturday, August 27, 2011 on the wreck of the Keystorm near Outer Scow Island Shoal, in the St Lawrecne River. The Keystorm, a 256-foot-long, steel-hulled, cargo vessel with a 43.5 foot beam displacing 2300 tons, was built about 1908 in Wellsend, England. It was carrying a cargo of 2230 tons of Bituminous coal when on October 12th, 1912 at about four o’clock in the morning when she struck Outer Scow Island shoal and sunk. Dive co-coordinator was Ken Kozin, Clayton,…

Clayton Diving Club at the Antique Boat Museum Boat Show

Promoting scuba diving, Clayton Dive Club President Ken Kozin and Dive Hinman at the CDC display, Antique Boat Museum Boat Show, August 4 and 5, 2011.

Club Dive on the Maggie L

Last Saturday, July 23, 2011, the Clayton Diving Club dove on the wreck of a Maggie L. off Clayton, NY. The Maggie L. was a wooden schooner that sunk after a collision with a steel freighter on November 4th, 1927, as she was leaving the main shipping lane towards Clayton. The Maggie L. was one of the last commercial ships to sail on Lake Ontario and the Upper St. Lawrence River. Dive coordinator was Bill Hammond, Cape Vincent, with Skip Couch, Clayton, helping onboard during…

Club Dive on the Islander

Diver on the Islander wreck

The June 18, 2011, Clayton Diving Club dive was a success! Thanks to all who came to Alexandria Bay to dive the Islander. Nine divers explored the wreck of the steamer Islander off the Cornwall Brothers Store. The dive was followed by lunch at Tricia’s Rondette. Photos by Dennis McCarthy.

First Dive of the 2011 Season

The first 2011 Clayton Diving Club Dive was a success. Thanks to all who came out on Saturday, May 21, to Cape Vincent for the dive and lunch at Aubrey’s. Ten divers braved the 46 degree water to check out their gear and explore the St Louis.

Wooden Hull Boat Found

Wooden hull boat off of Clayton NY

Wooden Hull Boat Found The photo above shows a wooden hulled boat found by Skip Couch and Dennis McCarthy in April 2011 in 50 feet of water off Bella’s Restaurant in Clayton. Dennis and Skip found it while doing research for their next scuba diving book to be released in 2012.

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