Summer 2013 Divers’ Access in Use

The new divers’ access dock in Clayton saw quite a bit of use this summer. Sunbathers could be seen soaking up the rays almost any sunny day, and divers used it for training and for fun diving. Club member and one of the founders of the original Clayton Diving Club, Skip Couch, was the driving force behind the access dock. Shortly after the dock was installed, Skip donned scuba gear for the first time in ten years to see the results of his hard work….

Clayton Divers’ Access Point

Drawing of Clayton Diver Access Point showing floating dock and t-ladder

In September of this year, Clayton Diving Club member Skip Couch proposed a plan for a scuba diver access point to Clayton Village Trustee Dennis Honeywell. This access point would be at the east end of the Thousand Islands Regional Dock at Frink Park on Riverside Drive

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