Scuba diver on the wreck of the Keystorm

The Clayton Diving Club, formed in 2010, builds on a rich tradition of scuba diving in the Clayton, NY, area. The club holds monthly meetings, organizes group dives on the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario, and participates in community events.

An earlier iteration of the Clayton Diving Club was founded in 1967 and disbanded in the late 1990s. The current club is lucky to count among its membership three members of the original club: Skip Couch, Dennis McCarthy, and Kathi McCarthy.

Read about the early days of diving the St. Lawrence River in A Scrapbook of Early Scuba Diving In the 1000 Islands.

2014 Officers

  • Skip Couch, President
  • Charlie Stage, Vice-President
  • Ken Kozin, Treasurer
  • Joe Dudiak, Secretary

2012 Officers

  • Ken Kozin, President
  • Tim Raughley, Vice-President
  • John Krake, Treasurer
  • Diane Hammond, Secretary

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